The Philippines is a country with a perpetual ruling class that loves only itself and not the Filipino people. This class prays in the churches on Sundays and preys on the land and the people every day. If anyone stands up for reform in this country to make life better for the Filipino people they are called a communist and killed. If they dare to report honostly on this selfish exploitative power structure they are murdered. In this overwhelming Catholic country with its Catholic ruling class if Jesus Christ were to reappear these entitled people would crucify him again. And then go to Church as always. Fools! They are clueless as to their own lack of love for the poor. They despise their own people and treasure wealth and power and prestige. Mr. Aquino is of that class. So was his beloved mother and martyred father. If Noynoy Aquino really loves his people he is in great danger. I hope he can accomplish more for his people than his mother who brought to life for a very short time the dream of “People Power.” God protect him. By their very own religion this Roman Catholic ruling class crucifies their Christ every day of the week because they crucify the Filipino people. The ones who rule in the Philippines and go to Church on Sunday should think seriously about their souls.

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