Interacting with any culture is interesting. Things people say and do are very telling. Filipinos often attempt to catch you in a lie. The culture here is like a personal game, trying to find flaws in you. They are very intrusive that way. So why do they want to know about your personal life? Maybe they are just curious or cautious because I’m a foreigner, or maybe they want to prove I’m a bad person so they will feel entitled to take something from me. I don’t agree with their standards anyway, and most of their values are not good. In my opinion most are hypocrites anyway. I’m sure there are some God fearing people here.

I have not seen a strong cultural presence here. Filipinos are proud of their place of birth, their food, their family and the fact that they speak English. They will make fun of each other for not speaking English very well. It is easy to see why. Most younger folks are leaving this country to work abroad because they can’t get work here and when they do it does not pay well. Add to that the fact that the Spanish were here for 350 years + or – a few years. Filipinos were treated as slaves. Then America came along around 1900 until 1946. Filipinos are going to try to emulate someone because they have no identity themselves. There is a national language but only about 30-35 percent of the population speaks it. I have seen figures that there are from 70 – 100 or more dialects spoken here and about 60-80 different languages. There are around 7000 different islands that make up the Philippines. It will be very, very difficult if not impossible to unify here.

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