he Philippines is certainly not for everybody. I been there and saw great things like beaches mostly and cheap restaurants (a person is very lucky if they do not get food poison) and bad service (nearly everywhere you may go). Women are very easy to pick up because they are mostly after a foreigners money. They easily fall in love with white men (again because they are greedy for money).There are a few nice places to visit though. These are about all my positive points of this country (if you want call them positive points). Filipino’s think there positive anyway. The poverty and misery is really intense. The noise and dirt everywhere is like a nightmare. Everything is always disorganised. Filipino people in general are very dirty and have no manners. They throw their garbage everywhere. They pee and poo in public anywhere with no limits. It stinks a lot. If you`re near a street it`s impossible to have a conversation with someone because of the noise. Filipino people are very simple and don`t have much knowledge. There`s not much to learn from them. Very shallow minded (they are brainwashed by some junk tv shows like eat bulaga and wowopee plus the bullshit from the catholic church). When we`re white and walk alone in the street, many people will try to scam us with long stories that they need money for this and that. Everywhere you go there are always a lot of people doing nothing. They are just there doing nothing and staring at something or texting. The whole country is on idle. Don`t be surprised if you walk and someone is telling you: ”Hey mother fucker”. They think in America we all call other people like that. America is a civilized country. It`s more primitive in Philippines. They act and make decisions based on their emotions instead of thinking. Don`t expect to meet any intellectuals there.Sorry for saying all this but that`s true. Anyways Filipino people are always happy being like that.

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