Has satan ever caused you to doubt your relationship with God?

Satan also attempts to encourage you to doubt your personal relationship with God. The devil says;
” Are you really saved? If you were really saved you wouldn’t have these doubts.
Do you really have an eternal home in heaven? Are you sure that if you die today you”ll go to heaven?
If you are really secure in Christ, then why do you feel so insecure?
Surely a secure person wouldn’t doubt
Question and statements such as these are aimed at one goal: to get you to wonder if you really are saved and that your identity is in Christ. Again a key message of the New Testament is Christ is in me and I am in Christ. The devil will do his utmost to test that central truth of your relationship with Christ Jesus.
When Jesus was baptized,he experienced a strong affirmation from heaven. The bible tells us the heaven were opened the Holy Spirit descended on Jesus in physical manifestation as if a dove was descending upon him and enveloping him and then a voice from heaven said, you are my beloved son in you I am well pleased.
See ( Luke 3:21-22)

Immediately after this experience the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness to a time of fasting and prayer and temptation by the devil. What were the first seven words out of satan’s mouth? If you are the son of God.”
The devil came at Jesus with a question that had a built in kernel of doubt.
If he could get Jesus to question who he was he might get Jesus to question everything else he believed and sought to do. The devil comes at you with the same tactic. He tries to get you to question your relationship with ChristJesus. And to do this the devil seems to tell three main lies:

Lie #1: saved people don’t sin. Furthermore, they don’t have any desire to sin and they aren’t tempted. The truth is that saved people do sin from time to time. They still are human and live in fleshly bodies with natural desires. Every person is tempted.

Lie #2: some sins are beyond forgiveness-either because the sins are so great in magnitude or because they are repeated so often.
God’s word tells us that when we confess our sins to God he is faithful in forgiving our sins and cleansing us from all unrighteousness (see 1st john 1:9) God’ mercy and patience with us are beyond measure.

Lie #3: God get’s weary of people who sin and repent repeatedly and eventually stops forgiving their sins
The truth is that God may chastise us and discipline us when we develop a habit of sinning but God dose not abandon us or cease to forgive us. He continues to prod us toward the way of righteousness so that we will make right choices and reap Godly rewards. Some of the most miserable people I know have been saved by the grace of God but have begun to buy in to these lies and doubt their salvation.
Don’t get caught by the devils lies when you have Gods
Word. No excuse read John

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