You who profess to be Christians, but do not read your Bible much and pray little: how shall you escape the damnation of Hell? You who are not especially bothered by little sins or troubled by the vain and filthy thoughts which you have: are you ready to go to Hell? You who think the kingdom of God consists in a verbal profession of Christ or intellectually believing that Jesus died for your sins, but who are not concerned with living a holy, godly life and give little or no thought to God during the week: are you prepared to endure the torments of Hell, day and night, forever and ever?
You had better be, because if these things are true of you, you are headed straight for Hell, unless you repent. Do not delude yourself! Christianity does not consist in words, or pious statements, or mere intellectual belief, but in a new heart and a new life dedicated to not sinning and living for the glory of God. If your heart and life have not been changed by God, you are still in your sins. If you are living in known disobedience to the word of God and are unconcerned about it, you have no right to assume you are going to Heaven: you are on your way to Hell! Repent of all your sins and turn to Jesus Christ and surrender to Him as Lord.
~William Nichols (1664-1712), “The Terrors of Hell
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