Trust in God

jesusTrust in God . . .

Everyone has faith, but it’s often misguided. For example, do you trust your eyes or do you take a second look before you cross the road?

Eyes see “water” on a highway on a hot day. They tell us that a colorless sky is blue. Our eyes tell us that we are standing in a vertical position, when millions who live Down-under stand upside-down and believe the same thing. Any magician will tell you that the human eye and mind are easily fooled.

We trust our memory, our judgments, our thoughts—when we have no idea if we are sane because there is no standard measure of sanity.

All these things in which we place unquestioning faith, aren’t completely trustworthy. However, trust in God is; and it’s not at all dependent on me. It’s dependent on Him. He is trustworthy…and on that basis we will never be disappointed.

Ray Comfort

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