GossipWhen you stop to think about it, running someone down, behind their back, is just plain cowardly. Gossiping, in general, is a form of a spiritual AIDS or other illness. Think about it…..when you gossip about someone what are you doing? You are planting a seed of negativity about that person to someone else, a seed that festers and grows. Then, like any other contagious illness, it is passed on to someone else. So you essentially have become a carrier of a disease and you have started your own little epidemic. There’s plenty of folks I don’t like and I have no issue with saying so. There’s also lots of folks that I think are just flat out as..holes and there again I have no issue with saying so. Where my issue would be is that because you don’t like someone or are jealous of what someone else has or does you set out to run them down every chance you get. If you are one of those then I would say “Get a life!” You are not nearly all that YOU think YOU are. So next time you get the urge to trash someone think about who it makes feel better. Take a look at your own self esteem/image and I’m sure you will find yourself lacking.

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