“You must not make for yourself an idol of any kind or an image of anything in the heavens or on the earth or in the sea.”
Exodus 20:4
CS Lewis said, “don’t let your happiness depend on something you might lose.” John Calvin called the human heart, “an idol factory.” We are prone to think of an idol as some carved image or statue being worshiped in some third world country, but idolatry is a condition of the heart, and all of us are idolaters by our sinful nature. Anything that takes the place of God in our lives has become an idol, even if it’s a good thing. When we look to people, or things, for our hope, meaning, satisfaction, comfort, pleasure or prosperity, that has become our idol.
Think about this for a moment. What makes you angry? The thing that makes you angry is something that is important to you. Do you get angry if someone laughs at you? If you make a mistake or do something silly and someone chuckles do you fly off the handle? Perhaps it because your pride is your idol and you can’t be seen as less than perfect…
When you’re cut off while driving, when you have to wait too long in the drive thru, when your order is wrong, do you get irate? Maybe you are your idol? How dare someone get in my way, make me wait, get my order wrong. We become angry because our idol is threatened or neglected and that raises up passion inside us. The problem is that passion is reserved for God and his glory alone. When he is first, we have that passion for him and for the things of his kingdom. Church, prayer, the Word, serving, sacrificing, giving, loving, forgiving, those things are much easier when God is our consuming passion. But when our idols are before God, we don’t have as much time for him or his things. God becomes crowded out. What or who is on the throne of your life today? What are you passionate about? Take time to search your heart for the answer.
— Kris Theobald

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