AtheismAccording to the Bible, an atheist is a threefold fool.
He’s called a fool because he says in his heart, “There is no God” (Psalm 14:1). He has been given the light of his conscience and the light of an ordered Nature, but he denies the light given to him by his Creator, because he loves darkness.
He’s called a fool because he vainly professes himself to be wise (see Romans 1:22).
And he’s again called a fool because he ignores his Creator: “And God will say to him, ‘You fool! Tonight your soul will be required of you'” (Luke 12:20).
— Ray Comfort

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3 Responses to Atheist

  1. KIA says:

    U forgot Matt 5 22


  2. You can’t use Bible verses to prove that God exists – that would be self-justifying it. And you can’t make the “argument from ignorance” saying – “Well, we don’t know exactly how we got here, so that means the Bible is true.” It’s a non sequitur. Nothing in this post proves anything or makes any logical point to the existence of God. See my post here


    • What you are saying makes no sense at all. Tell me then how the earth got here? Look around at the animals, look up at the stars at night. Tell me where did they come from? Did Charles Darwin or Stephen Hawking create them? Genesis ch. 1 verse 1 tells us that God created heaven and the earth. Those are not my words. Believe as you will. You can justify yourself with God once you come face to face with Him. He will let you do that. Will you tell Him then that He is not real? Will you tell Him that He is a liar? I think not. You will fall down on your face before Him and beg for mercy. It will be to late for you then.


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