Make time

We live in a mixed up world. We are far from the will of God but close to the return of Christ. It’s just like Jesus said if would be when He returns. Read Matthew 24-25. Even Church people are far from God’s will. Many are more concerned about this world then they are about the world to come. Many live for the day but not for eternity. Many are pursuing relationships with people while ignoring their relationship with God. Many profess to have a form of godliness but are filled with worldliness. Many talk about God on the outside but are filled with evil on the inside. The Great Day of the Lord is coming and its time to get ready before time runs out. Jesus is coming soon and it could be morning or night or noon. Take time to turn off your TV, radio, and social media networks and take time to talk with God. He loves you and sent His Son Jesus to die on the cross for your sins. That is the best news you can hear. Turn to Him now and ask Him to save your soul if He hasn’t already. He promises a better day to come.

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