Why God

jesus 1Christ was on the cross and He questioned God? He felt abandoned. My God. My God. Why has thou forsaken Me? Jesus didn’t do anything wrong. Why God? Jesus was innocent. People lied about Him. They mocked Him. They spit on Him. They punched Him. Why God? We sometimes have these, “Why God?”, moments. Don’t forget God has a plan. Jesus died for us. We deserve death. He went to the cross knowing the pain He would suffer. God gave His only Son for us. Christ pain was real. He had a human reaction. He had a “Why God?”, moment, but He knew God had this. When we have these moments we have to remember that God has this. He is God. He has a purpose for all things. Glorify God when you have a Why God moment. Christ rose from the Why God moment. He rose from the grave and so can you!

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