Growing up I heard people talk about the age of accountability. This is a time when people realize they are sinful and need forgiveness. This is not a set age. In Luke 15 the Bible talks about the prodigal (wasteful) son. He got his inheritance and went away and spent it on sinful living until he was in a terrible situation. Verse 17 says, “But when he came to himself,”. He reached a point where he came to his senses and he returned to his father. His father welcomed him back with love. I believe when we reach the age of accountability we have come to our senses and realize how sinful we are. At this point we realize our need for God and forgiveness. We have to make a decision because we realize that if we don’t then our life is headed in the wrong direction and will only get worse spiritually. We all need God because we are all sinners. Those who repent and trust Jesus as their Saviour are welcomed by God and will have their sins forgiven no matter how sinful they have been. Life without God is a life that is wasted in sin and has eternal consequences, but when we turn to God He gives us hope and an eternal home that awaits us in Heaven.

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