The Song of Songs is, of course, a poem. It describes wonderful plants and beautiful animals. It describes special places. And it describes processions, dances and gardens. But the Song also has a more important meaning.
Parables and allegories are different types of stories. Both parables and allegories have a meaning. But there is a difference. Parables are very simple. And they are easy to understand. But allegories are very complex. Every detail in an allegory is important. And words have secret meanings.
There are many parables in the Bible. Jesus often used parables to each the people. The meaning of these parables is never complex.
Allegories became popular many centuries after the time of the Bible. People used to read allegories for entertainment, like novels today. And many people thought that the Song of Songs was an allegory. They tried to find secret meanings in its words. They thought that its real meaning must be very complex. They tried to find new meaning in every sentence.
We think that the Song of Songs is more like a parable. In other words, its meaning is simple to understand. Its meaning is:
God loves us. His love does not change. But we are not always loyal to him. Perhaps we are selfish. So we do not always want to obey him. God wants us to trust him more. Then, in the end, we shall be glad to obey him. And we shall be perfect for him.

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