A wake up call: Being friends with those whose beliefs differ from us is different from being one with them in theology. The more we know, the more we should be humble and friendly to those who oppose us. We hate false doctrines but we should try our best to win the hearts of those who teach heresies. Most Calvinists today are arrogant, and without concern for the lost souls. They don’t practice what they preach. You will notice that when they comment on threads started by those who are still not knowledgeable of right doctrines. You can’t expect unbelievers to believe what we say when we who claim to be believers fight each other. Augustine says in essentials unity in non essentials, liberty. But most calvinists cannot distinguish between essentials and non essentials. They love to debate even on minor issues (i.e. tithing) and destroy each other in the process. They are like children fighting over a piece of bread. They need to grow up like the Corinthian believers who are still living in the flesh.

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