Almost anything a person can think of can keep us from following God.

I will only mention a few here. Money is the big problem. If not careful it can control our lives. We all have to live in this world, but we can’t let the world control us. Money itself does not interfere with our walk with Christ. It is the love of money that does interfere with our walk ( Matthew 6:19-34). Trust God, He will take care of us. This does not mean for us to quit our jobs or not earn money, it simply means God is more important. Another big problem is the media. By media I mean Internet, TV, movies, video games, magazines and any other type media outlet there is. Media is dangerous because we can become consumed with it. The media is everywhere we turn. And to make matters worse it is littered with some terrible thing’s. Nearly every commercial on TV and every advertisement on the internet try to convince us we need something and they can fill that need. They tell us how we should look, feel and act. Movies, TV and music can all be bad because they can tell us what is right and wrong. We should all be wise in what we play, watch, read and how much time we spend doing it. We should be willing to give up things that hinder our walk with God. Our Relationships with others and routines can also get our way as well as our work can. Work, relationships and routines are important but our relationship with God is much more important. Desiring a blessing from God, more than God himself can hinder our walk with God. Praying for specific things over and over, but forget about spending quality time with God. Seek first his kingdom ( Matthew 6:34). There are many more things that can hinder our walk. We ourselves can hinder and so can our pastor. Surprising but true. The followjng website will tell you more http://livingforjesus.com/10-things-that-can-distract-us-during-our-walk-with-god/ In conclusion we should give up all things that hinder our walk with God. Read and meditate on the Bible. Pray each day. Get to know God. Spend quality time with Him. In this way you will know what He desires and overcome the things that cause hindrances.

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