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The true meaning of the word lead

The English word “lead” originated from an Anglo Saxon word, laeden, that meant to follow a course. The original meaning did not involve having, or demanding, followers. Followers originally meant, in effect, fellow-ers – people who walked along the same … Continue reading

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153_Who Are the Indigenous People of Palestine?

FLAME’s Latest Public Relations Message Source: 153_Who Are the Indigenous People of Palestine?

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Spoiled kids

The President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University gave a lecture to students they’ll never forget. Recently a student complained about a sermon that made him feel guilty and blamed the school for making students feel uncomfortable. This is not uncommon. Many … Continue reading

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What is the Day of the Dead?

What is the Day of the Dead? Is the Day of the Dead a biblical celebration? Source: What is the Day of the Dead?

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Rome’s Useless Tabernacles and Altars

The altars and tabernacles found in every Roman Catholic church are an affront to the holy God who has established His only begotten Son as the One who alone is “priest forever”. Source: Rome’s Useless Tabernacles and Altars

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PM: UNESCO theater of the absurd continues

Source: PM: UNESCO theater of the absurd continues

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The Six Day War

The 6 Day War in 1967 was a major turning point. On the verge of annihilation, Israel emerged victorious and regained Judaism’s holiest site, the Western Wall. Source: The Six Day War

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