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Where was Jesus born?

Where was Jesus born? What is the precise location of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem? What is Migdol Eder? Source: Where was Jesus born?

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The true meaning of the word lead

The English word “lead” originated from an Anglo Saxon word, laeden, that meant to follow a course. The original meaning did not involve having, or demanding, followers. Followers originally meant, in effect, fellow-ers – people who walked along the same … Continue reading

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Roman catholic

“To countenance its image worship, the Roman Catholic Church (in Rome) has left the whole of this second commandment out of the decalogue, and thus lost one whole commandment out of the ten; but to keep up the number they … Continue reading

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In the Bible, what is a ‘love feast’?

In the Bible, what is a ‘love feast’? What were the love feasts observed by the early church? Are love feasts related to communion? Do churches have love feasts today? Source: In the Bible, what is a ‘love feast’?

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