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Lyrics to The First Noel: are they biblical?

“The First Noel” is a tune that showed up in the 1800s (possibly earlier). I loved this melody as a kid, but after comparing the lyrics to the Bible, I like it a lot more now. It’s one of those … Continue reading

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‘Imagine’ John Lennon a Christian?

The Beatles’ legendary founder John Lennon has become a celebrated “atheist” for penning the lyrics “imagine there’s no heaven” and claiming his band had become “more popular than Jesus.” But history’s temptation to embrace the Beatles as champions of anti-Christianity … Continue reading

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When you stop to think about it, running someone down, behind their back, is just plain cowardly. Gossiping, in general, is a form of a spiritual AIDS or other illness. Think about it…..when you gossip about someone what are you … Continue reading

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CURFEW The word “curfew” comes from the French phrase “couvre-feu”, which means “cover the fire”. It was used to describe the time of blowing out all lamps and candles. It was later adopted into Middle English as “curfeu”, which later … Continue reading

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